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New Exhibit Open Now
through March 1, 2020
Beauty Versus Beauty Exhibit

Featuring Emily Hamilton Laux

The photographic images in Beauty Versus Beauty explore ideas about biodiversity, ecosystems and the human relationship with plants and their beauty. Emily’s first project on biodiversity is a series of images of native and invasive species of plants, suspended in vintage jars of water. The work now includes flora presented in casseroles; some of these are botanical “portraits” of specific gardens or ecosystems where Emily gathers her flora.

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Guest Artists will be featured on a rotating basis.  Click here to buy originals or art prints from our Resident Artists.

Resident Artists:

Daniel Wade Barrett                           Steve Liker
Luiza Budea                                          Terrence Mahon
Domenic Colabella                              Jim Malloy
Richard Danzig                                    Meredith Mulhearn
Lily Fertik                                             Greg Mursko
Charles Gulbrandsen                         Dee Dee Perrone
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