Composition and Other Steps to A Successful Painting


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Composition and Other Steps to a Successful Painting
Taught By Steve Liker via Zoom

Wednesday • April 15, 2020

3:00pm – 4:30pm

Workshop Information:

Composition is key to the success of any painting in order to stop the viewer in their tracks and increase its attractiveness and perceived value. Steve will provide the following techniques and hands-on exercises to put to practice:

1) Selecting a subject and composition
2) Choosing values and hues
3) Balance and space
4) Other tips for painting success

“If the composition or the design of your painting is dull or flawed then no amount of fancy brush strokes will save it.”- Steve Liker

Supply List:

Bring your imagination and creativity!  A flash drive if you want a copy of the presentation.  Sketching material supplied by the workshop.



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