In The Window Series

RPAC Gallery is proud to showcase not only our Resident Artists exhibited artwork but also showcase them in process. RPAC Gallery invites you to stop by and watch our Resident Artists at work and get to know what inspires them creatively! On select weekend days, we will be hosting an artist in the front of the gallery to work live for everyone walking down Main Street to enjoy. See the schedule below for future dates we’ll be having an artist in the gallery.

Lily Fertik

Sunday, October 18
Starting at 12:30pm

Through the chaotic scenes from the news to social media to neighbors, I needed to feel peace, comfort, acceptance & balance.

Meredith Mulhearn

Saturday, October 24th
Starting at 1 pm

Meredith is most well known for her work around the topic of plant blindness: the inability to see or notice the plants in one’s own environment. This phenomena has far reaching implications in terms of plant conservation, which she also explores through her work.

The current environment, one of technological advancement and busy lives, hinders our fragile relationship with plants that we once engaged with daily.